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Portland New Year's Eve Party | Champagne Ball

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Incredible insights into Rain Shower Head

A rain showers head is an essential item in the shower. Apart from being a source of bath water, it enhances the beauty of your bathroom. This coupled by being a platform where individuals find refreshment makes it a very important item.

Shower heads are available in different shapes, sizes and make. This bathroom item has a nozzle which distributes water widely.


Depending on your choice of a shower head, they are available with different components. Common features are as highlighted as below.

  • Arm rest – Depending on the choice of your rain shower head, there are options on the kind of arm to choose from. This will also vary on its length and make as well. The choice of the arm rest will also be advised on the whether the shower head will be mounted on the wall or at the ceiling.
  • Shape of the water nozzle -There are varying shapes from rectangular, square and circular. All this is designed with broader and sparsely distributed holes to have a wider coverage.
  • Make – Most of the shower heads are made of brass, steel and chrome.
  • Control – Most shower heads have a controlling mechanism to check on the water flow intensity, flow pattern as well as control the temperature.
  • Adjustments – There are those which have been designed to allow users to adjust the arm rest and shower head to favorable positions.


i.         Easy to shower – Shower heads are designed to make showering experience more relaxing.

The water flows from the top of the head trickling down your body.

ii.        Broad shoulders – The design of the shower head is meant ensure water flows to a wider coverage. This is much better than the traditional shower heads.

iii.       Beautify your bathroom – You can enhance the looks of your bathroom by have classy and well-designed shower heads.

iv.       Control mechanism -Get to regulate the flow of water to your desired level. Set your shower head to give you preferred water flow.


i.         Expensive -Most shower heads do not come cheaply. The more sophisticated it is the higher its price.

ii.        Ease of depreciating – Depending on the material and make of the rain shower head, most are known to degenerate over time. This however may happen after a long period of time.


If you choose to settle for a shower head then there are a number of benefits that you are bound to enjoy and they are as listed below.

  • Relax mode – This bathroom component will leave you relaxed and refreshed. The flow of water running steadily from the top of your head should leave you feeling rejuvenated. This devise also limits the user on handling in contrast to a hand held shower head.
  • Water management – Compared to other traditional bathing styles, this one will save you allot of water. The water nozzle has tiny holes designed to emit water just the required water.
  • Made to owner’s choice – Depending on your taste, bathroom designers can customize the kind of shower head they prefer. This can also be in line with the features of your bathroom and ensuring a matching fit.

What to look out for

Buying a shower head is not something complicated and you can always find something worth your taste buds. However, there are number of key factors to keep in mind and they are highlighted below.

  • Size – Find something that will work best with the kind of bathroom you have. The type of arm rest should be advised by whether you will have a ceiling or a wall mounted head.
  • Quality – This factor is vital since it will determine the longevity of service you should expect from your shower head. The higher the quality the more likely the better and more classy it looks.
  • Design – Apart from the common designs available in the market, there is the option of having personalized designs. You should also find something that is compatible to the interior designs of your bathroom.
  • Budget – Ensure you get something that you can afford.
  • Easy to manage – Find a shower head that is easy to clean and maintain. You can contact your vendor or the manufacture to be informed. You should also get one that will be easy to install in case you decide to do it yourself.

Regardless of your bathroom location and size, there are numerous options on the choice of a rain shower head. The fundamental thing to do is a proper research and you will surely find something excellent.