Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do guests need to be 21 and over?
  • Who attends the Champagne Ball?
    We welcome anyone and everyone over the age of 21 to join the party, we just ask that you dress for the occasion and be ready to dance and have fun! 
    Age Demographics: 21-29 – 15% – 30-50 – 70% – 50 to 100 15%
  • Do singles come to the Champagne Ball? 
    Yes, we even provide special “Singles Beads” to guests who want to let others know they are interested in making new friends or perhaps a special midnight kiss.
  • Do couples come to the party?
    Yes, the event is almost evenly attended by couples and singles. Lots of groups purchase a table for 10 so they’ll have a home base throughout the night. 
  • Do you take credit cards?
  • Is there a coat check?
    Yes, it’s located on the Pavilion Level just above the lobby in the Hilton Portland.
  • Can I scan my friend’s ticket and get their wristband for them? 
    Yes. We encourage guests to get their wristbands before the event starts, this speeds up your entry when you return to enter the party. REMEMBER TO BRING ID when you return to enter the event.
  • Do all tickets grant you access to all the rooms? 
  • What do people wear to the Champagne Ball?
    Guests are required to dress in cocktail attire up to black tie. No jeans are allowed at the Champagne Ball.