Portland New Year's Eve Party | Champagne Ball

Portland New Year's Eve Party | Champagne Ball

Celebrate the New Year with us at the Champagne Ball!

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Get your reserved seat tickets ASAP!

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Hello and thank you for visiting our humble blog.

Ticket sales are way up over the last two years and we are going to sell out of reserved seat tickets sooner than ever. If you’d like reserved seats I would get them ASAP. This is especially true if you have a large group and you’d like to be sitting with all your friends.

I can’t emphasize this enough, if your reading this now go to Tickets Oregon and get your tickets.

Thank you for your continued support. For more info and discount promo codes please become a Champagne Ball facebook fan.

Discount Codes and Ticket Sales

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Ticket sales are way up over last year and we recommend that you get your reserved seat tickets ASAP. There are several factors affecting the sales, but mainly it’s that the Champagne Ball is the best New Year’s Eve party in the northwest.

Also if you’re going to be purchasing general admission tickets be sure to stop by our Facebook fan page to see discount promo code for 10% off General Admission tickets.

Thank you for your continued support and comments.

Happy Holidays!

Delicious drinks for your New Year’s Eve

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We had no idea that there were so many different champagne cocktails for one to enjoy. We’re toying around with these to bring something new to the event. Do you have a favorite we should be serving New Year’s Eve at the Champagne Ball? Test them out and let us know what you think.

Cheers for now.

Improved VIP service. Get yours soon seats are going quickly!

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Based on feedback from guests at last year’s New Year’s Eve event we have made the following changes to the VIP section:

– VIP Guests can run a tab

– To make sure that you get the fastest service possible we’ve added an exclusive VIP bar that only VIP servers have access to.

– We’ve doubled the staff in the are and each table will have one server assigned to the each of the 8 VIP tables.

We know these changes will ensure that guests get the type of service they are expecting and that they fully enjoy their New Year’s Eve.

You can purchase your Champagne Ball VIP tickets here.

Thank you for your continued support.


Incredible insights into Rain Shower Head

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A rain showers head is an essential item in the shower. Apart from being a source of bath water, it enhances the beauty of your bathroom. This coupled by being a platform where individuals find refreshment makes it a very important item.

Shower heads are available in different shapes, sizes and make. This bathroom item has a nozzle which distributes water widely.


Depending on your choice of a shower head, they are available with different components. Common features are as highlighted as below.

  • Arm rest – Depending on the choice of your rain shower head, there are options on the kind of arm to choose from. This will also vary on its length and make as well. The choice of the arm rest will also be advised on the whether the shower head will be mounted on the wall or at the ceiling.
  • Shape of the water nozzle -There are varying shapes from rectangular, square and circular. All this is designed with broader and sparsely distributed holes to have a wider coverage.
  • Make – Most of the shower heads are made of brass, steel and chrome.
  • Control – Most shower heads have a controlling mechanism to check on the water flow intensity, flow pattern as well as control the temperature.
  • Adjustments – There are those which have been designed to allow users to adjust the arm rest and shower head to favorable positions.


i.         Easy to shower – Shower heads are designed to make showering experience more relaxing.

The water flows from the top of the head trickling down your body.

ii.        Broad shoulders – The design of the shower head is meant ensure water flows to a wider coverage. This is much better than the traditional shower heads.

iii.       Beautify your bathroom – You can enhance the looks of your bathroom by have classy and well-designed shower heads.

iv.       Control mechanism -Get to regulate the flow of water to your desired level. Set your shower head to give you preferred water flow.


i.         Expensive -Most shower heads do not come cheaply. The more sophisticated it is the higher its price.

ii.        Ease of depreciating – Depending on the material and make of the rain shower head, most are known to degenerate over time. This however may happen after a long period of time.


If you choose to settle for a shower head then there are a number of benefits that you are bound to enjoy and they are as listed below.

  • Relax mode – This bathroom component will leave you relaxed and refreshed. The flow of water running steadily from the top of your head should leave you feeling rejuvenated. This devise also limits the user on handling in contrast to a hand held shower head.
  • Water management – Compared to other traditional bathing styles, this one will save you allot of water. The water nozzle has tiny holes designed to emit water just the required water.
  • Made to owner’s choice – Depending on your taste, bathroom designers can customize the kind of shower head they prefer. This can also be in line with the features of your bathroom and ensuring a matching fit.

What to look out for

Buying a shower head is not something complicated and you can always find something worth your taste buds. However, there are number of key factors to keep in mind and they are highlighted below.

  • Size – Find something that will work best with the kind of bathroom you have. The type of arm rest should be advised by whether you will have a ceiling or a wall mounted head.
  • Quality – This factor is vital since it will determine the longevity of service you should expect from your shower head. The higher the quality the more likely the better and more classy it looks.
  • Design – Apart from the common designs available in the market, there is the option of having personalized designs. You should also find something that is compatible to the interior designs of your bathroom.
  • Budget – Ensure you get something that you can afford.
  • Easy to manage – Find a shower head that is easy to clean and maintain. You can contact your vendor or the manufacture to be informed. You should also get one that will be easy to install in case you decide to do it yourself.

Regardless of your bathroom location and size, there are numerous options on the choice of a rain shower head. The fundamental thing to do is a proper research and you will surely find something excellent.


How To Peek A Fitted Mattress for You

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Sleep is essential for each one of us. Despite the fact that we live in different time zones, the bottom line remains that at one point or another, we all require sleep for our bodies to function well. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to sleeping, like the hours to sleep, where to sleep, among others. Many people tend to overlook an important issue that impacts one's sleep which is the mattress. Is your mattress the right one for you? How do you pick a fitted mattress? To take the best choise link here!

Why you need a fitted mattress.

To prevent back pain

A mattress basically is supposed to ensure that your whole body is in perfect alignment. A mattress that is too firm is not recommended neither is a mattress that is too soft. A very firm mattress will take your main body parts out of alignment while a very soft mattress may cause you back to arc.

Important for a good sleep

A fitted mattress will allow you enjoy your sleep. A terrible mattress will cause you a disturbing sleep. A person who has had a good sleep is able tackle a lot of issues when they wake up compared to the one who has not slept well. A bad mattress is like a nightmare.

Improved memory

Sleeping allows our bodies to rest. When we wake up it means we are more alert and capable of remembering a variety of things. However, if one does not sleep well due to not having the right mattress, he or she is likely to be tired hence forgetful.

Reduced stress.

On a bad day, don't we all say we want to get home to our cosy beds? That is it. A good fitted mattress ensures a good sleep which in turn is a remedy for stress. When you are asleep you forget your problems! You will only wake up later feeling better and ready to go round your problem and get a solution.

Features of a good fitted mattress

  • Curves according to the shape of your body and rises back up when you get up from it.
  • If you try a mattress and it cannot curve-because it is too firm-or does not rise back up when you get up from it, then do not purchase it because it will not give you the right comfort.
  • Maintains the alignment of your spine despite the positions you assume.
  • A fitted mattress should ensure the alignment of all your body parts to avoid back pains when one is sleeping or when one wakes up. Therefore if the mattress you want curves too much or does not curve at all, then it is not good for you.

Fits the size of your bed.

A mattress just like clothes need not to be too big for the bed therefore overlapping, neither should they be too small for the bed. If it overlaps, it may arc causing back pain. If it is too small, it mean one cannot comfortably change positions as you may end up sleeping on the surface of the bed.


Durability is a factor to consider when picking a mattress. There is no point of buying a mattress that will last only a few months and then you will be required to purchase another one. When picking a mattress, consider the material used to make the mattress, it is better to cough up a few pennies and get a quality mattress than to keep buying mattresses all the year round.

It is relevant to consider any health issues you might be having when picking a mattress. If you are allergic, you should go for mattresses labelled 'hypo allergenic'. However, many companies are now labelling their mattresses as hypo allergenic when they really are not so the best move nowadays is to purchase a washable mattress encasing that acts as a barriers for dust mites, this is not only a reliable way but also cost saving.

All the above factors considered, I bet you will end up with the right mattress. Do not forget that a good sleep starts with a good mattress. Enjoy your mattress hunting !!



Are You Shure, That You Need Whole House Humidifier?

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A whole-house humidifier is a lasting arrangement that is installed with your HVAC system. It is utilized year-round and attempts to get the moistness your home to reasonable levels, bringing about an agreeable home for you and your friends and family.

Benefit of Whole-house humidifiers

  • Whole-house humidifiers ease respiratory infections that shape because of dry air coursing all through your home.
  • Skin issues result from low levels of dampness. Along these lines, in case you're experiencing irritated skin when the air turns cool and dry outside then the least demanding approach to settle the issue is to put resources into a whole-house humidifier that will build the moisture levels in your home.
  • Rake in the benefits of having so as to spare energy with a whole-house humidifier the capacity to keep your thermostat at a lower temperature when the evenings get crisp amid spring. This is conceivable since damp air feels warmer than dry air.
  • A humidifier will give the perfect measure of moisture to anticipate harm to wood floors, fixtures and furniture coming about because of air that is excessively dry Cracks may shape in furniture, floors and dividers when dry air sucks the moisture from the surfaces that need it.
  • Whole-house humidifiers swap the requirement for littler, convenient units that need regular cleaning and consistent refilling of water


Whole house humidifier can likewise chop down your energy charges on the grounds that it's less demanding and speedier to control the indoor temperature of your home when there is more moisture in the air. This high-tech part has numerous more features making it the thought humidifier control item for your home:

This whole house humidifier uses chilly water (it doesn't make a difference in the event that it's hard, delicate or relaxed). You don't need to stress over water filtration for this item to work ideally.

1 .It has a limit somewhere around 11.5 and 34.6 gallons for every day, contingent upon electrical draw, and on the grounds that it runs freely of your HVAC system it's ideal for bigger homes, effortlessly obliging up to 6 200 square feet. It is likewise perfect for use in twofold level homes.
2.   Air is legitimately dispersed all through your whole house because of the assimilation and scattering steam technology. This implies you won't have issues with condensation framing in the ducts.
3.   This unit is made of metal, not plastic, so it is solid, solid and constructed to last.
4.If you experience the ill effects of dry sinus entries, cerebral pains and dry, scaly skin amid the winter months, you may be considering having a whole house humidifier installed.


1 .They give reliable and ideal moisture levels – Whole house humidifiers work with your HVAC system to guarantee that each room of your home has the ideal moisture levels for your family's home solace.
2.   Moistness levels are simpler to control – Dry air can be a noteworthy issue, yet a lot of moisture additionally brings worries up in your home. A whole house humidifier can convey the appropriate measure of moisture to each room without you worrying about dry air or inordinate moisture in the home.
3.   There will be no water or moisture harm – Sometimes attempting to get moisture into your air can be dubious—you may put a humidifier in a room, wrench it up and forget about it. This can be dangerous, as the abundance moisture can make harm your dividers and furniture. There is even potential worry over from convenient humidifiers.
4.    There is no requirement for refills – Linked straightforwardly to your plumbing, the system does not should be refilled as water is utilized to add moisture to your air. You can have the humidifier installed knowing your stickiness levels will deal with themselves.
5.    They are peaceful and invisible – A whole house system is shrouded away so no one even knows it's there. They are likewise calm, dissimilar to their versatile humidifier partners.

They can enhance your home – You can increase the value of your home when you install a whole house humidifier, read more in site: http://choosehumidifier.com/best-whole-house-humidifier. When it comes time to offer, purchasers search for upgrades like this in homes they are considering.


1 Installation – A drawback to a whole house humidifier is that it is more costly install than a little individual humidifier. You will probably require a specialist to install a whole house humidifier effectively. All things considered, the expense can be made up with resale esteem and even by non-quantifiable returns, as expanded home solace.
2.   Maintenance – Whole house humidifiers will likewise require regular cleaning as mineral stores and other frightful particles that may develop in your system in the event that it is not looked after accurately.
3.   Cost – Whole house humidifiers can be costly toward the begin. In any case, if you consider what number of those little versatile units you may need to purchase in your lifetime.

Happy Best Laptop Backpacking

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When I didn't have a Laptop Backpack l remember riding a bike to office with my laptop bag slinging by my side a decade back. Suddenly, another biker came 180 degree at me and toppled me over. My laptop did a few somersaults on the road before diving into the roadside drain. I wish I was carrying it in a best laptop backpack so that it wouldn't have had to commit suicide in public. It was my favorite laptop. I am really happy that those super-formal messenger bags are now dead and laptop backpacks are holding the smoking gun. These days,
I see even my boss coming out of his limo with a trendy laptop backpack on his back.
Made for Laptops
Whether you carry your laptop to school or to work, laptop backpacks are your safest bet except for the fancy dress day. The best thing about laptop backpacks is they are made for laptops. They have a special large pocket for the laptop with padding on all sides. The padding helps the laptop fit snugly into the backpack and saves it from bumps. Laptop backpacks also have a host of other small compartments to neatly organize the charging cable, mouse, and other accessories that you need with the laptop. It has a side pocket to carry a bottle of water or coke. If you want, you can also fit in a pair of clothes and some food.
Made for Carrying
Unlike desktops, laptops are made to accompany you wherever you go. Usually, a laptop weighs a few pounds and is not easy to carry by hand. There is no practical way to carry it with you other than a laptop backpack. Other laptop bags are not only obsolete but also highly likely to hurt your arms and shoulders. On the other hand, laptop backpacks distribute the weight of the laptop evenly across your back and shoulders. In fact, you hardly feel the weight of the laptop backpack on your back. The padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry it for hours. In fact, laptop backpacks are so convenient that it would be a crime to go for any other type of bag for your laptop.
Made for Life
Laptop backpacks are made from very durable polyester fabric that would neither wear out nor fade with time. While your laptop may get outdated in a few years, your laptop backpack would remain as good as new for many years. I have had many laptops so far, but my laptop bag has remained a loyal friend for almost a decade. It has been a part of almost every memorable event of my life, including rock climbing, running a half marathon, winning a bike racing competition, presenting to a 1000+ crowd, and even my marriage. It still looks so good that that I imagine passing it on to my kids as a part my cherished memorabilia.
Made for You
A laptop backpack is just not a bag to carry your laptop. It is your personal style statement. I cannot imagine carrying a fluffy, yellow laptop backpack like the one my over-enthusiastic boss carries. The slender pastel-shade laptop backpack of my wife would be too feminine for me. Maybe I am a little old-fashioned, but I love my squarish black laptop backpack. Laptop backpacks come in all sorts of hues and designs to suit your taste and needs. You wouldn't have to look hard to find one that reflects who you are. Happy laptop backpacking!